smaXtec Basic Bolus [1] for individual health monitoring

smaXtec Basic Boluses are given to every cow in the herd and provide information on estrus and insemination time, calving and health.

smaXtec Premium Bolus [2] for comprehensive information on feeding and herd health

smaXtec Premium Boluses cover the same features as Basic Boluses and measure rumen pH additionally. The information serves as a basis for feeding optimizations, acidosis detection and general herd health improvements. Giving the bolus to 6 to 10% of the herd enables farmers and herd managers to draw conclusions on the entire herd’s rumen health.

The infrastructure consist of

·         smaXtec Base Station [4]for data transmission

·         smaXtec Repeater [5] for extension of the wireless network

·         smaXtec Climate Sensor [3] for measurement of environmental factors

The smaXtec Base Station reads out data that comes from the sensors and transmits it to the smaXtec Server. It can be connected to the internet via ethernet cable or GSM.

The wireless network can be extended with the use of smaXtec Repeaters, which enable coverage of various areas of the cow shed. This provides continuous read-out of the data and ensures optimum functioning of our Inside Monitoring solutions.

smaXtec Climate Sensors are used to keep an eye on environmental factors. They measure temperature and humidity levels in the cow shed and enable, for example, early identification of heat stress risk.

The data are transferred and analyzed automatically and then provided to the farmer via multiple platforms. Whenever the farmer needs to take action he receives automatic alerts via app or email – for example when first signs of diseases are visible or when the cow is in heat. Based on the information he can take the right measures at the right time.